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PADPORT is an elegant portfolio presentation App for the iPad – designed by and for professional media artists. PADPORT allows photographers, artists and a multitude of other visual artists to assemble a digital portfolio of their works and use the iPad as a new media presentation tool.

The Key Features of the App include:

> MINIMALIST INTERFACE – to allow the content to be the center of attention.

> MULTIPLE PORTFOLIOS – The user can create sets of works to be presented in categorized portfolios.

> MULTIPLE THEMES – The App allows the user to select from different Themes and use different Themes for each portfolio.

> KIOSK MODE – The App allows the user to present their Portfolios in a private Kiosk mode – disallowing other users or viewers from editing the Portfolio.

> EASE OF USE – The App is designed without unnecessary features or complexity – focusing on ease of use by the user.

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